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Custom Website Building

We design websites according to your needs. We do provide valid HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery integrated static websites powered with responsiveness of Bootstrap with amazing User Interface and User Experience.

Custom Web Application Development

We have developed handsful of web applications as per ordered by some of our customers. Their appreciations are still encouraging us to develop more. Till now we have developed more that twenty client based applications & they are running successfully.

Web Hosting

We provide servers to host your sites and applications with no-worry & hassle-free maintenance service. We mainly provide Linux hosts with managed CPanel service, so that you can rely on us and have a sound sleep overnight.

Linux Server Maintenance

If you want us to maintain your Linux hosting in a reliable and affordable way, we are here. We provide support for installation, maintenance, database handling, bandwidth allocation and installation of applications at lowest budget that will surprise you.


Need a firm grasp of the web technology ? We are here to help you. In this web world, everyone should have an identity with a web based portfolio, as we can't live without information technology now-a-days. Just shoot a contact mail to us & we'll definitely reach you.


When you are worried about testing your application, all about white box & black box testing, we have solution for you. We have advanced tools of testing like Code Tester - CodeSniffer, Unit Tester - PHPUnit, Load Generator and documentation generator like PHPDocumentor.


We create awesome arts. You might have heard of "Straw Art", "Traditional Indian Art", "Warli Stick Art" or "Tribal Art". Each one is unique for its combination, whether it is a canvas painting or straw art or oil paining. You can view some of the excellent creations in our portfolio & gallery. Like them ? Make them own. Just shoot us a mail.


We have attractive handicrafts of Odisha, India. You may have heard of "Applique of Pipli, Odisha, India" ! We create handicrafts like flowers, vases and small & big decorative pieces to make your reception stunningly beautiful. Have a look at the gallery. You might be interested to have one.